Defter Takibi

Defter Takibi
Web Yazılımı

The "Notebook Tracking" project, one of the sources of pride of our agency, has been developed to enable students to track their academic performance regularly and securely on an online platform. This web application stands out with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.

User management is at the heart of the project. Students and teachers who register to the system can edit their profiles, update their login information and manage their accounts securely. In this way, users can update their personal information at any time and protect their privacy.

The course management feature allows students to easily add and organize their courses. Details such as the information required for each course, teacher information that is important to the student, class days and times can be added to the system and edited. In this way, students can better organize and track their lessons.

Grade tracking focuses on one of the most critical needs of students. Students can enter their exam grades, homework scores and other academic achievement indicators into the system to store this information securely and track it when needed.